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Optimize Your Digital Strategy

If you're not tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, then how can you determine your return on investment (ROI)? Whether you're utilizing paid search, organic search, paying for online ads, boosting pages on social media, etc., it's critically important to understand which investments are effective and which may be under-performing.

A web analytics program is an absolute business necessity in your online marketing arsenal. Installing web analytics throughout your website will tell you how customers are using your website, allow monitoring of A/B testing, and provide the overall health of web traffic coming to your site.

For instance, a web analytics program will track which search engine visitors used, and the particular keyword(s) they entered to find your site (valuable for paid and organic search programs); how they navigated your site, including all the pages they visited; how long they stayed on individual pages and where they exited.  You'll also learn which third-party links were used to get to your site, how many individuals visit your site, and so much more.

This information is tremendously valuable to your internet marketing efforts. These metrics can be used to not only glean information about customer activity on your site, but they give you important insights for fine tuning your marketing strategies. Web analytics will give you the ability to test different marketing ads to see which will drive more traffic to your site.

We rely on Google Analytics because it's robust and the cost is just right: Free.

Green Owl can can help you determine how your current online marketing efforts are performing. We'll recommend updates and fine tuning you can do to improve your results.

Contact us today and let's talk about how we can make sure you're getting a healthy return on your online marketing investment.